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Welcome to National Geographic Rainforest SA, a Brazilian joint-stock company dedicated to the sustainable use of rainforest resources.
Discover our commitment to integrating economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.

Our Impact Projects

Projects in the Amazonas to make a difference for the local community.

Brick Manufacturing

Sustainable and controlled brick production in the Amazon for job creation and local raw material supply needs. This project combines economic growth with social responsibility, providing stable employment opportunities in the region.

Agricultural Products from Açaí and Cupuaçu cultivation

Cultivation of Cupuaçu and Açaí, fruits with high nutritional and market value, focusing on sustainable practices and potential for local & global demand.

Tambaqui Fish Farming

Sustainable fish farming of Tambaqui, a high-nutritional-value Amazon fish, catering to local markets with a focus on health benefits and rapid growth.

The Challenge –
Our Why and motivation

Sustainability at the Heart of our Company

In the heart of the Amazon, National Geographic Rainforest SA is confronting critical sustainability challenges that threaten this vital ecosystem and its communities. These challenges are multifaceted, ranging from environmental degradation to socio-economic issues.

Poor Soil Quality Leading to Slash and Burn Agriculture

The Amazon region is characterized by acidic soils, which present significant challenges for agriculture. This poor soil quality often leads farmers to resort to slash and burn techniques to clear and fertilize the land. This method, while temporarily improving soil fertility, leads to deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and contributes to climate change. National Geographic Rainforest SA addresses this issue by utilizing existing lands approved for cultivation, thereby reducing the need for slash and burn practices.

Inadequate Basic Food Supply Driving Land Use for Farming

The local population in the Amazon often faces a scarcity of basic food supplies. This shortage forces communities to convert more forest land into agricultural fields to grow food, exacerbating deforestation and habitat loss. National Geographic Rainforest SA’s initiatives in sustainable agriculture, like açaí and cupuaçu plantations, aim to provide alternative sources of nutrition and income, reducing the pressure on forest lands for traditional farming.

Economic Pressures Leading to Exploitative Practices

Economic challenges in the Amazon region often drive communities and businesses to engage in exploitative practices such as illegal logging and unsustainable fishing. These activities not only harm the environment but also undermine the long-term economic stability of the region. National Geographic Rainforest SA’s approach to integrating economic success with environmental stewardship offers a model for sustainable development that counters these pressures.

Lack of Sustainable Employment Opportunities

The scarcity of sustainable employment opportunities in the Amazon leads to a reliance on environmentally harmful practices for livelihood. This lack of employment contributes to a cycle of poverty and environmental degradation. National Geographic Rainforest SA’s projects, such as sustainable fish farming and brick manufacturing, create jobs that are environmentally responsible and economically beneficial, helping to break this cycle.

The Company & Team

About Us

The Company

National Geographic Rainforest SA offers investors the opportunity to invest in 1,535 hectares of land and economic projects as part of its sustainability efforts (Corporate Social Responsibility). The projects, strategically located in the Brazilian state of Amazonas along the Amazon River near the city of Tefé, aim to benefit from the region’s rich biodiversity and natural resources while supporting the local population.

The company protects the rainforest from deforestation by providing work, income, and prospects to the local population. Due to the acidic soils, agriculture is challenging and forces small farmers to clear rainforest areas to remove acidity from the soil and generate enough yield for survival. National Geographic Rainforest SA uses existing land and resources approved by the state for cultivation, operating more profitable entrepreneurial projects under its umbrella.


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Image of Johann Schwarz, founder of NG-Rainforest SA

Johann Schwarz

Johann Schwarz, is a dynamic and experienced leader, ideal for spearheading sustainable initiatives in the Brazilian rainforest. With experience since 1993 in the Amazon region, he possesses a profound understanding of the local environment and communities. His expertise spans across flora, fauna, indigenous cultures, and socio-economic dynamics of the region, invaluable for a company like National Geographic Rainforest SA that aims to work in harmony with nature and local populations. Schwarz’s academic background in civil engineering and business administration, combined with his experience in managing farms, brick factories, and fruit plantations, forms a solid foundation for leading a company focused on sustainable practices. Fluent in English, Portuguese, and German, and equipped with comprehensive computer skills, he effectively operates in an international and intercultural environment. His work style is marked by quick comprehension, a focus on essentials, high independence, and innovative problem-solving, making him an exceptional leader for a sustainable startup in the Amazon.

Image of Markus Balke, founder of NG-Rainforest SA

Markus Balke

Markus Balke, a renowned expert in the natural stone industry, has had an impressive career marked by innovation and leadership. As the founder and director of Balke & Partner LLC since 2010, he has established a vast network of over 200 experts in the natural stone sector. His role as a speaker at international congresses and memberships in professional organizations underscore his influence and expertise. Balke’s innovative strength is evident in creating the world’s only portal for buying and selling quarries, His expertise in international trade, coupled with a Master’s degree in economics, empowers him to develop complex business strategies. His leadership roles, including reactivating a production facility and quarries in Spain and managing significant projects in the USA and Germany, demonstrate his capability in guiding businesses to success. Balke’s academic background in mineralogy and geology, combined with his business acumen, makes him a pivotal founding member of National Geographic Rainforest SA, contributing significantly to its strategic direction and growth.

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